By Yvonne Omondi

Daily staples

Lovely readers I have a confession, my love for denim is beyond, its timeless, effortless, comfortable and most of all soo versatile. Denim is my everyday staple and you’re going to see much of it so buckle up. In this bipolar weather, we have sometimes it’s much easier when you dress for either conditions, especially if you know you’re going to be out late why not beat both birds with one stone? (pun intended) denim of course suits both heat and cold, then I went for a light sweater with plenty of holes to air condition my body just enough to withstand the heat. I added some pop of color with the red heels to brighten up the look a little. A little color doesn’t hurt, right?
The DIY choker is so cute and chic, it takes your outfit a notch higher
The choker and the jeans is kind of my minimal version of denim on denim.

outfit details: shoes- backyard, jeans- thrift, sweater- thrift

Thanks for stopping by my loves and stay chic always



Plaid it out


  1. spirit bird


  2. it’s a first time on your blog and your cover photo is just ….wow i love it
    Beautiful post and your DIY skills are winning 🙂


  3. I love the look..The pop of red is a win!


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